Join Us!


The Carter laboratory is looking for undergraduate researchers to work on a variety of projects in biophysics (maybe you!). We are especially interested in first year or sophomore students that can start over the summer or January term. Read on for more information.

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What type of research does the Carter Lab do?

Check out our informational video for students for a quick, digestible introduction to our research! Also look at our Research tab.

How do I join the Carter Lab?

  1. Are you an Amherst College student? If so, you can join!
  2. Read about our research. Check out our Research tab to see if one of our projects interests you.
  3. Contact Professor Carter. Feel free to email Professor Carter to set up a time for a lab tour.
  4. Optional: Talk to a Carter Labber. Do you want to get a feel for what it’s like to work in Carter Lab? Email or talk to one of our current members.

Is there a preferred time for me to join the lab?

No! Email Professor Carter as soon as you are interested. Then she will set you up to start over January or the summer.

When do we do research?

We do research only during January and over the summer. We do not do research during the academic year.

Do I need any experience?

We love first years! If you are undeclared and have taken a physics class or two other science classes (comp sci, bio, chem), that will work. If you are a second year or above, we usually take BCBP, Physics, or Neuro majors.

What are my chances of getting in?

Your chances are great! We try to place all interested Amherst College students. Just email us already!